My Philosophy

Working with me is not about trying the latest ‘diet’. It’s about changing the way you look at food and finding a new way of eating - based on foods you enjoy - which will help you reach your goals and maintain your results for life.


The way I help people change their nutrition comes not only from the education I have gained but also from my experiences over the past 20 years, successfully following a low-carb lifestyle and maintaining my original 30 kg weight loss.

I believe there is no one-size-fits-all plan for weight loss. We all have unique tastes and needs when it comes to food and therefore we all need our own food plan. The food plans I create are based on foods you enjoy eating. You will know the amounts of protein/carbohydrate and fat you need in each meal and the magic of balancing this correctly is that you will not be hungry as the kilos drop off.

‘Why Weight Nutrition’ sums up what I believe two of the most important things are when it comes to embarking on a weight loss journey:

  • 1. Understanding why you have gained weight.   Sure, it is probably because you have eaten too much, but it requires more analysis that that. I encourage clients to really look at the habits they have formed that have led to weight gain.  If food has been your solution, then what is the real problem?
  • 2. You need to know why losing weight is important to you.   What gets you excited about the possibility of weight loss?What will be your reward when you lose the weight?  Being very clear about your WHY provides you with an important source of motivation for the times when you are tempted by old habits and trigger foods.


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